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Here are a few of the comments we have received from our valued customers.
  • A customer recently said, "After we had our rings cleaned in 2013, they performed fine. We are really happy that we no longer have oil being slung on the machine and the floor. In the future, we will definitely use Epic again when we have ring-related service needs."
  • One satisfied customer recently commented, "I try to get as much from Epic as possible due to the level of quality and service provided. I'm very happy with Epic parts and have voiced this several times to upper management and will continue to do so."
  • Management has told this company to keep their spending to a minimum.  Their reduced production schedule has chipped away at their parts budget.  Customer said “I am still buying what we need and Epic is one of our best suppliers”.
  • Recently, a customer was questioned as to why they came back to Epic for spindle rebuild.  Their reason was that any time they had a problem with a spindle, their other supplier complained about having to fix them.  The only reason they changed from Epic was because our pricing was a little higher.  They said they were glad to have Epic back.
  • Regarding our EE440400 Creel Peg Extension, 05OC, BA3, BA4, BA5: “These creel peg extensions provided significant cost savings through reducing our yarn waste. The savings we realized quickly paid for the cost of the pegs. Our department and plant now stand to benefit from installing them for years to come.”
  • “Your company has been great for the market because your competitive prices have kept the market price down. I really enjoy doing business with you.”
  • A past customer phoned to let everyone know that he had received the retirement card Epic sent and that it was his last day at work. He said Epic was one of the best companies he had ordered from and that he was going to miss calling us…
  • One customer happily commented on her experiences by stating that Epic responded quicker than any other vendor. She also said that she could email anyone at Epic and get a quick reply every time.
  • Another customer stated that they are very pleased with Epic’s products and services. They said that they wish all their vendors responded as Epic does.
  • A recent Epic visitor/customer said, “We would like to visit Epic again. We are very impressed with Epic’s personnel, facility, and service. Your shop is the cleanest and best organized of any of our vendors.”
  • Another customer recently remarked on Epic’s spindle exchange program by saying, “We are very satisfied and appreciate the service. We really love using the CD catalog. It makes ordering parts from Epic much easier.”
  • An additional customer said, “Epic is in my top ten supplier list. I really appreciate what Epic does for us. The addition of Benny Picklesimer at the Dalton Warehouse is a great asset to Epic.”
  • A different customer also stated, “The spindle program with Epic is a huge success. No one in the industry believes the length of my spindle life!”
  • One of our international agents, in the South Pacific, remarked: “I was amazed to have the local courier deliver our order dated  October 16, here at 9 AM this morning, October 20th. Now, even if I flew home from your office, I would hardly arrive here, into our office, that quickly. What a superb delivery turnaround and many thanks to those involved with the processing, packing, and other dispatching arrangements involved. Epic service is just second to none, believe me, and it makes us agents look so good in the eyes of our customers.”
  • A customer recently verbally expressed his gratitude for everything Epic does for his plant.  "Our vendor/customer relationship has made my transition to plant manager much more pleasant.  All my people hold Epic in high regard and their trust in Epic allows me to focus on the big picture."
  • A customer told us the Superba head building and head shift classes have helped them out greatly. They have experienced better head life and are having less down time in heat-set. They were very appreciative of our services.
  • One of our valued customers recently commented that they  appreciated the excellent work that Epic had done with their Verdol spindle life.  Into the first four weeks of 2007 , they had reached a spindle life of 556 days.  They appreciated the time and effort that the folks at Epic took to ensure that we did a quality job on a part that is very critical to the production and quality at their plant.  “Thanks to you we are both winners.”
  • A new customer from South Carolina recently told us that he was very impressed with Epic.  He said he has been in business for 40 years and it was the first time the president of a company ever wrote him a letter thanking him for his business.   He was also impressed that they could place an order at 2pm and received it at 10am the following day.
  • From Murray Dewar, of Dewtex Imports, our agent in New Zealand: “Well it seems hard to believe but this order, as placed only last Wednesday has arrived here at 11am today,  Monday, and this is from away across the other side of the world. Well what can we say but WELL DONE AGAIN EPIC TEAM!! I will have this order couriered off to our customer, who will also get a shock in the morning with it's arrival.”
  • One of our Georgia customers recently placed their last order of creel springs, to complete the replacement of every creel spring in their plant, and have some on hand for spares. Our customer was very thankful that we were able to help them with this project and stated that we had saved them a ton of money.
  • Epic offers a Superba head building class. Several of our customers have taken advantage of this service.  On a recent call to one of our customers, Gary Standridge and Wayne Fuller talked to him about the Superba head building class.  “He told us that they were still reaping the benefits from the first one and wanted to schedule another one. Their head life has increased to over five months, up from around six weeks. Their goal is to get up to nine months, and they feel like this is achievable from our instruction.” Another class was scheduled for mid May and included two overhaulers, and three college students who were working with them to reduce overall costs in their heat-set department.
  • One customer recently had rave reviews for the  Epic stainless steel cabler caps for Volkmann 05 BA3,BA4, BA5 & BA8.  She shared that she, and all of the operators love them.  She  said that she has been getting requests from all of the operators to get them put on their Volkmann machines! 
  • From Georgia:  “We are happy with Epic; your parts, delivery, and prompt attention if we have a problem.”
  • The overhauler of another customer told us that they had a meeting with one of our competitors concerning spindles and pot repairs, and our customer told them that Epic had a much better repair and had them in stock in Dalton so they could get them the same day if needed.
  • From North Carolina: Thank you to everyone involved with the creel conversions. They are running well and your quick delivery helped us out tremendously.
  • From Argentina: “Your company has always given excellent service in all aspects,  through your representative Mr. Denham, and his periodic technical visits.”
  • From Canada:  “The [Superba] head building class that you provided for us was a great success. We continue to re-build heads on the frames we have in the shop. This is the best way to get everything clean and painted. The mechanics can work on these heads whenever there is a break in their regular activities and it doesn’t interfere with production. It appears that we are indeed seeing an improvement in head life.”
  • Murray Dewar of Dewtex Imports in New Zealand wrote, “Well done again Epic Enterprises team. The [EE105000]lamellas on our order of Monday, June 16 are here in my hands, on Friday, June 20. As usual, the customer is thrilled to bits with our service.”      We could not do it without you, Murray!


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